Sunday, December 19, 2010

How To Save Time And Detangle Your Tangled Horse Mane Tail

The TAKE DOWN® technique enables the combing out of your  horse’s mane and tail with as little breakage as possible. The TAKE DOWN® technique will help save time and hair breakage for you tangled hair horse tail. It will be a relief from the pain and hassle of combing out knots and clumps of matted and tangled hair. Ultimately It is a gentle technique that penetrates through horse's hair whether your horse has a few thick dreadlocks, wind curls or matts.

What You Need:
* Matted Pet Hair Removal Cream
*A steel comb ( great for breaking up serious dreadlock matts)
*A firm human hair brush

The Matted Pet Fur Remover makes the hair softer, smoother and stronger. Which prevents breakage when detangling your horses hair. It saves your time and energy so you don’t have to be concerned with having a microwave in your barn to heat up Hot oil or transporting hot water in a mug or thermos. Unmanaged time and a tangled mane and tail can cause a loss of money especially in Arabian show barns. The TAKE DOWN® technique makes removal of mats fast and easy.
Do not shampoo the mane or tail until it is completely detangled and matt free

Dust, and dirt are the "glue" that keeps tangled hair tangled, so soaking it with the  Matted Pet Fur Remover Cream is the most important first step. Then apply the cream to hair, massage cream deeply into hair and allow to penetrate for 10-15 mins. Apply more cream to severely matted knots and clumps if needed massage into roots. Pull fur apart slowly with metal comb. Slowly comb through fur until all knots and mats are removed then Shampoo and rinse thoroughly.

The Detangling Techniques:
With the Matted Pet Fur Remover Cream on the mane there is no need to wet the mane or tail- whichever you are working on. It is a heavy and gentle cream that penetrates through the hair and softens the hair as you comb.

Begin by cutting off sections of the mane or tail. Work on smaller sections of hair. For a tangled mane or tail, try to locate the largest twisted or knotted sections of hair and follow them backwards, untying the knot.

However you can put large amounts of the cream if needed to make the job easy. Apply directly to the hair with a clean tack cleaning sponge or similar small applicator. Massage the into the tangles and begin finger combing it- starting at the bottom and working up.

The  Matted Pet Fur Remover Cream will soften the hair shaft, which should make it become very smooth and slick and untangle fairly easily. After you finger comb through it, then use your brush to get it all smoothed out.

If you get dreadlock matts and tangles that are really impenetrable, apply more of the remover cream and uses a steel comb.  It  is great for breaking up serious dreadlock clumps or matts.
 There is no need to use thinning shears, or traditional scissors, they will leave you with a detangled, but choppy looking mane or tail. Even though thinning shears will leave a more natural edge because they have jagged teeth-it still takes up your time and detracts from the natural beauty of your horses hair.

Detangling the horse's hair as much as possible with your fingers, then using the thinning shears parallel with the hair (up and down, not horizontal motions) to scissor into the mat once or twice- then finger comb- then scissor once or twice, then finger comb, etc. TAKES UP TOO MUCH TIME
The TAKE DOWN® Technique allows you to break up a matt with less hair loss and hassle when combing out knots and clumps of tangled hair. Once all the tangles have been combed out, it's best to shampoo thoroughly to remove the residue of the Matted Pet Fur Remover . To prevent future tangles you may want to consider the various other  leave-in conditioners or lotions that keep manes and tails long and luxurious without tangling.
Maintaining and Preserving Your Horses God Given Beauty.
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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Help save these pets

So many dogs and cats are suffering from severely matted hair. Groomers are tired of reminding pet owners to be consistent with daily grooming. Look at these pets below- some as a result of lazy pet owners.
Our pets need your help-prevent the painful shaving they have to through. There are products in the market place that de-matt severely matted dogs or cats.  Preserve their God given beauty today.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Emaciated cat taken to groomer; owner arrested

Emaciated cat taken to groomer; owner arrested

The Associated Press

PHOENIX - Authorities have arrested the owner of an emaciated cat with badly matted hair after he took his pet in to be groomed.

The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office was called to the grooming salon at Bethany Animal Hospital on Tuesday and found the cat extremely emaciated and dehydrated.

The cat's hair was also badly matted, leaving it unable to move and causing it to cry when handled.

Jeffrey Hetherington, of Phoenix, told the hospital staff the cat had been in that condition for more than three months.

The cat was euthanized after a veterinarian recommended the pet be put down.

Authorities said Hetherington, 50, was arrested and booked on suspicion of not providing food, water, and medical care to his cat.

Why should pets suffer like this............Perhaps the owner just need information. Learn how to De-matt your cats matted fur hair today.

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Friday, September 12, 2008

Matted & Shaved Dog-A Sad Case

Matted Dog / Shaved Dog
I just have to share this tragic story with you. Dogs that are not groomed by either owners or professional groomers WILL get matted. It's a shame that animals are neglected to the point that drastic measures need to be taken.

Case in point: This little dog, we will call him Mr. Miserable, was so matted that there was no way to brush out his hair and do it humanly. The only thing I could do was to shave it off and hear me when I say "I was not easy". I think sometimes people assume sense it's going to be shaved it just comes off. No! It is hard and very dangerous. Think about the skin, it was smothered by nasty, smelly, matted fur. The skin needs to be able to breath so to speak. The oils (Sebum) need to be released to lubricate, and protect the hair shaft resulting in a healthy, shiny coat, without it, skin and hair become unmanageable.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Dog Bite

dog bite

OK i don't think any of you would have had this happen to you but you should understand where I'm coming from. anyways i groom dogs for a living. today i had a dog come in way over do for grooming it was very very matted. he had to be shaved from head to toe naked. when i went to take the dog from the owner the dog tried to bite me then but i took it in anyway saying it was probably just scared. i start to shave it almost a hour late i was ready to bath him. i got him all bathed and dryed and went to finish his hair cut. during the whole hair cut time he had to be muzzle he was trying to bite which was fine dogs that badly matted are normally like that. i was all most done when he turned around and bite me through the front of the muzzle (where the nose sticks out) there was my blood everywhere!!!! we called the owner and told her to come get the dog and i got ready to go to the hospital. the owner came in while i was still doing the paper work to go to the hospital. my boss brought the lady to see my hand (I'm all red and puffy from crying) and she looks at me and tells us she refuses to pay for the dog unless he is finished all the way! we explain to her he is only needs his feet trim that's it so she should pay. she still refuses so we give her the dog and she gets a free groom because her dog bite me!!!!!!! she never said that she was sorry her dog bite me never and then refused to pay for my work on her dog can you believe that. I'm sooo mad. i work on commission so i don't get payed if she does not pay. and i am going to have to do less dogs for a while because of it......some people just don't understand

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Safe Removal of Cat Fur Matts

You don't have to shave or cut your cat fur anymore......unless you just choose to inflict pain on your pet. There is an amazing new product to help alleviate these matted fur issues.

Check them out:

The Best Solution To Detangle Matted Pet Dog Or Cat

No need to worry, there is a solution to your matted pet fur. No more cutting or shaving!!
Matted fur happens to most dogs or cats occasionally. When you notice matted fur on your dog or cat, it’s very important to remove the matted fur as soon as possible. It can be very ugly, and very uncomfortable for your pet- causing him to pinch and pull at it. This will make matters worse.
There are several factors which can cause matting, but the most common cause is lack of grooming. If your pet has long flowing hair, she/he may develop matted hair at some point. Some cats and dogs have 2 coats of fur which shed and need to be brushed out.

If you haven’t brushed your cat, dog or horse mane/tail for long periods of time-your pet will suffer the consequences. Pets are dependent on us to groom them regularly; or to take them to a groomer regularly.
Fleas can also cause matting. They can create a tangled mess in your pet’s fur. Please check and treat your pet for fleas regularly.

There is a Remover that is specifically designed to remove all pet hair tangles-no matter the severity of your pet’s hair mats.
The most important thing to remember when de-matting your pet is bathing your pet before trying to remove the mats will make the matts worse.
The Matted Fur Remover makes removing matts from your cat or dog easy, however it is not a speedy process, so be patient.

Remember to keep your pet calm as you brush.
*A steel comb
*Take Down Matted Pet Hair Remover
First, let your pet get into a comfortable position… on your lap, on the floor, on the sofa, or wherever he can get comfortable. You don’t want to wrestle your pet during this. If your pet is matted in several places, start de-matting in the places where your pet is most comfortable lying down... Also, do your best to control the cat or dog’s head. Control the head… controls the pet.

Second, pour small amounts of the Matted Pet Fur Remover on each section of matted hair. Massage in to your pets fur. Pull the matted clumps of fur apart into small sections with your hands. The matts are easier to remove if they are smaller. Also this will reduce the amount of fur your pet loses.

Pick and comb through slowly each mat with the steel comb. Be sure to brush with the grain of the fur. Do not pull hard –it will hurt your dog. Use the steel comb to slowly break up the clumps.
As the matts begin to break up, remove the tangles. Start at the end of the fur and work your way closer to the skin as the matts loosen up. If you try to start at the base of the fur, next to the skin, you’ll just end up compressing the matts even tighter.

Take your time. Be patient. Help your dog or cat to remain calm and comfortable. If you watch TV that would be a great time to work on the matted hair.
After all the matts are removed, plan on regular grooming times for your cat or dog