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How To Save Time And Detangle Your Tangled Horse Mane Tail

The TAKE DOWN® technique enables the combing out of your  horse’s mane and tail with as little breakage as possible. The TAKE DOWN® technique will help save time and hair breakage for you tangled hair horse tail. It will be a relief from the pain and hassle of combing out knots and clumps of matted and tangled hair. Ultimately It is a gentle technique that penetrates through horse's hair whether your horse has a few thick dreadlocks, wind curls or matts.

What You Need:
* Matted Pet Hair Removal Cream
*A steel comb ( great for breaking up serious dreadlock matts)
*A firm human hair brush

The Matted Pet Fur Remover makes the hair softer, smoother and stronger. Which prevents breakage when detangling your horses hair. It saves your time and energy so you don’t have to be concerned with having a microwave in your barn to heat up Hot oil or transporting hot water in a mug or thermos. Unmanaged time and a tangled mane and tail can cause a loss of money especially in Arabian show barns. The TAKE DOWN® technique makes removal of mats fast and easy.
Do not shampoo the mane or tail until it is completely detangled and matt free

Dust, and dirt are the "glue" that keeps tangled hair tangled, so soaking it with the  Matted Pet Fur Remover Cream is the most important first step. Then apply the cream to hair, massage cream deeply into hair and allow to penetrate for 10-15 mins. Apply more cream to severely matted knots and clumps if needed massage into roots. Pull fur apart slowly with metal comb. Slowly comb through fur until all knots and mats are removed then Shampoo and rinse thoroughly.

The Detangling Techniques:
With the Matted Pet Fur Remover Cream on the mane there is no need to wet the mane or tail- whichever you are working on. It is a heavy and gentle cream that penetrates through the hair and softens the hair as you comb.

Begin by cutting off sections of the mane or tail. Work on smaller sections of hair. For a tangled mane or tail, try to locate the largest twisted or knotted sections of hair and follow them backwards, untying the knot.

However you can put large amounts of the cream if needed to make the job easy. Apply directly to the hair with a clean tack cleaning sponge or similar small applicator. Massage the into the tangles and begin finger combing it- starting at the bottom and working up.

The  Matted Pet Fur Remover Cream will soften the hair shaft, which should make it become very smooth and slick and untangle fairly easily. After you finger comb through it, then use your brush to get it all smoothed out.

If you get dreadlock matts and tangles that are really impenetrable, apply more of the remover cream and uses a steel comb.  It  is great for breaking up serious dreadlock clumps or matts.
 There is no need to use thinning shears, or traditional scissors, they will leave you with a detangled, but choppy looking mane or tail. Even though thinning shears will leave a more natural edge because they have jagged teeth-it still takes up your time and detracts from the natural beauty of your horses hair.

Detangling the horse's hair as much as possible with your fingers, then using the thinning shears parallel with the hair (up and down, not horizontal motions) to scissor into the mat once or twice- then finger comb- then scissor once or twice, then finger comb, etc. TAKES UP TOO MUCH TIME
The TAKE DOWN® Technique allows you to break up a matt with less hair loss and hassle when combing out knots and clumps of tangled hair. Once all the tangles have been combed out, it's best to shampoo thoroughly to remove the residue of the Matted Pet Fur Remover . To prevent future tangles you may want to consider the various other  leave-in conditioners or lotions that keep manes and tails long and luxurious without tangling.
Maintaining and Preserving Your Horses God Given Beauty.
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